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Bill Munson Hybridizer's Award

Ottis Houston, Lake City, FL

Florida is one of the greatest states for growing daylilies, if not THE greatest. This may be due, in part, to the climate but mostly due to the quality of hybridizers and growers living in Florida.

The BILL MUNSON HYBRIDIZER'S AWARD will give all Florida hybridizers a chance to have their newest and best seedlings seen along with seedlings of other hybridizers. At the same time this bed will create some interest that maybe, just maybe, will increase participation in Region 12 activities. Our neighbors, Region 5 (Georgia) and Region 14 (Alabama and Mississippi) have these beds while having great Regional participation.

The Rules and Regulations that follow were approved at the Fall 2002 meeting.

The competition for the BILL MUNSON HYBRIDIZER'S AWARD will be at the Spring Regional of 2004, hosted by the Suwannee Valley Hemerocallis Society. Jerome and Reba Ridaught, 12309 NW 112th Ave., Alachua, FL 32615, (Tel # 386- 462-3740), will provide the bed at their home for this event. Please contact them prior to delivery of any plants for this purpose and plan to send plants early so they have an opportunity to clump up before the Regional meeting.

The BILL MUNSON HYBRIDIZER'S AWARD is to be established in honor of the late Bill Munson. It recognizes outstanding hybridization of Hemerocallis by member of the American Hemerocallis Society in Region 12.

  1. Only daylilies hybridized by American Hemerocallis Society members in Region 12 are eligible to compete in the Bill Munson Hybridizers Award. Daylilies entered in this competition may be either registered or unregistered but they must not be introduced prior to the judging. Any plant introduced before the judging will be rendered ineligible for competition.
  2. The Regional Meeting Chairman will advise the Regional Vice President (RVP) of the name of the person in whose garden the display bed will be located. The RVP will have this information published in the next possible edition of the Region 12 newsletter.
  3. All plants will be displayed in one special bed of one garden in order that those attending the Regional Meeting can make the proper comparisons before casting their votes. A sign reading "BILL MUNSON HYBIRDIZER'S AWARD BED, REGION 12 AHS" will be prominently displayed in this bed. This sign will be provided by Region 12.
  4. The bed should be located in an open sunny area with sufficient sunlight so that the plants will not have to lean toward the sun. The bed should be well prepared according to good horticultural practice. All plants should receive the same care without exception. The Regional Meeting Chairman will have the responsibility for checking the bed for readiness or assisting for readiness, as needed.
  5. No more than five (5) plants per individual will be accepted. If space is limited, the number could be reduced to three (3). Before sending plants, the hybridizer should contact the garden host to make arrangements. Plants should be forwarded as soon as possible so that they are well established by the time of display. A growing period of two years is desirable, but not required; however, no entries will be accepted ninety (90) days immediately preceding the first day of the scheduled Regional Meeting.
  6. To prevent favoritism, only the garden host will know the actual identity of the plants being displayed and the names of the hybridizers. The host will assign numbers beginning with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. to the plants and will display them with the matching numbered marker provided by Region 12. A confidential log of the hybridizer and plant number, as well as a diagram of the bed identifying the plant number to the hybridizer will be kept by the garden host. This information will be kept confidential and given to the RVP after the voting. Hybridizers are not to reveal the identity of their plants prior to voting. If it becomes evident that the hybridizer has done so, that plant will immediately be disqualified from competition. Disclosure of a hybridizer's entries by any person is prohibited prior to completion of the voting.
  7. All persons attending the Regional Meeting will be given ample opportunity to view the plants in competition. A ballot box will be set up in the host garden and voters will cast their ballots for the plant of their choice before leaving the garden. At the conclusion of the voting, the Regional Meeting Chairman will deliver the unopened ballot box to the Regional Vice President, who will appoint a committee of Region 12 members to count the ballots. The RVP will announce the first four (4) runners-up prior to announcing the winner at the banquet. In the event of a tie, duplicate awards will be given. A list of all entries with the identity of the hybridizers will be passed out at the banquet.
  8. As soon as possible after the Regional Meeting, the hybridizer should advise the garden host as to the disposition of his/her plants in the BILL MUNSON HYBRIDIZERS AWARD BED. The plants should be removed as soon as possible; however, if the plants have not been removed by November 1 of the year of competition or other arrangements have not been made with the garden host, they automatically become the property of the garden host. Until this date, unless other arrangements have been made with the garden host, the plants remain the property of the hybridizer. No division of plants or proliferations may be distributed without the express permission of the hybridizer. No seed pod development or use of pollen is permitted. The host has the responsibility of taking the very best care of the plants while they are in his/her possession, and the hybridizer has the responsibility of transporting the plants to the garden, as well as making arrangements with the garden host for disposition of the plants after the Regional Meeting.
  9. Once a plant is submitted to the host gardener, this plant must remain in place until the Regional Meeting is over. It will not be permissible for a hybridizer to submit a plant and later remove it to make a substitution.
  10. It shall be the responsibility of the host gardener to notify the hybridizer should a plant die, regress badly, or otherwise suffer lost, damage, theft, or misplacement.
  11. Any cultivar winning the BILL MUNSON HYBRIDIZER'S AWARD is automatically barred from future competition for this award.
  12. After the Regional Meeting, the RVP will give the garden host the name and address of the next garden host to whom the numbered markers should be sent. The garden host will promptly package and mail these as directed by the RVP. Region 12 will reimburse the garden host for this expense upon submission of receipts to the RVP. The Regional Meeting Chairman will pick up the Bill Munson sign and present it to the next year's garden host at the Awards Banquet.